Work at Oktoberryfest

Please note that all roles are paid. This is not volunteer work.

It is also great fun, and involves banter and a degree of audience participation. German accents at the ready!

There are four main roles;

  1. Bar Work (mostly pouring beer!)
  2. Table Service (taking orders, collecting drinks from bar & taking drinks to tables)
  3. Food Service (serving food from the all you can eat buffet – no table service)
  4. Glass Washing and Collecting (Suitable for under 18’s)

All roles with the exception of under 18’s require you to wear Oktoberfest costume, which is provided.

There are three sessions;

  1. Friday 5pm until 11.30pm
  2. Saturday 4pm until 10.30pm
  3. Sunday 12pm until 7pm

You can sign up for one, two or all three sessions. Please note that in all cases you will need to arrive slightly before the above times, and may be asked to work slightly later! There are of course breaks, and all staff are provided with food & drink.

To apply simply email us with the title ‘Oktoberryfest Work’.

We need to know;

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your home address
  4. Your mobile phone number
  5. The area you wish to work in
  6. The shifts / sessions you wish to work

Please also tell us anything else that will make your application interesting or amusing for our admin staff sitting in the festival office going through all these!


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