The Bars

At this outdoor wonderland you can get in amongst it all at the beer bar, relax on the grass sipping something cold from the gin bar, or find yourself relaxing at the Pimms bar.

person pouring beer on clear cup

The Main Bar

At The Main Bar you can find yourself being served a wide selection of local beers, including beer from The Godstone Brewers, which is brewed right here on Flower Farm.

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The Bermondsey Mile Bar

The big smoke comes to Surrey with a taste of London’s finest craft beer, all served up at The Bermondsey Mile Bar.

summer sunshine alcohol drink

The Everywhere Else Bar

We wanted to make sure you had a wide range of beers, so all the ones served at this bar, come from… well, everywhere else!

alcoholic beverages bar beverage cocktail

The Strawberry Fields Bar

Situated next to the Flower Farm shop, this is the only bar on site where you can buy all kinds of alcohol, from beer, to prosecco, spirits and mixers.

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The Cocktail Bar

Bring the Bahamas to you and enjoy something sweet in the sunshine at The Cocktail Bar – we recommend Patrick’s Passion – it’s one to lust after!

wine in bucket under fruit tray

The Pimms and Prosecco Bar

Celebrate being outdoors with friends and listening to some fantastic music by sharing a bottle of prosecco or a jug of freshly made Pimms.

The Cider Bar

Coming all the way from our friends at Biddenden Vineyards in Kent, The Cider Bar is stocked full of a wide range of the most delicious cider you’ll ever taste!

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The Gin Bar

With a wide range of gins and tonics on offer, there’s something for everyone at this bar… providing you like gin of course!