patrick 1Patrick – The Farmer

Our very own Josh Fiddler / Peter Butterworth.

The ‘Michael Eavis’ of Godstoneberry.

He’s the one making sure everything at the festival costs a pound, or less (or more…)

emilyuse 1Emily W – Farm Shop Boss

Emily runs the award winning Flower Farm Shop, and is also our chief designer.

Emily is responsible for all the lovely artwork, site dressing, and for drinking all the Pimms.

mel 1Mel – Office Chief

Keeping the ship afloat, Mel is the admin master that will ensure you receive your tickets (probably).

Keen on ‘Rugby Types‘, so if you like a scrum – watch out!


mark 1Mark – Farm Manager

Tasked with taste testing every ale and making sure there is not a drop of beer left at the end.

Its a tough job that only a man with incredible thirst and a half decent haircut can take on.


buzz 1Buzz – Farm Guard Dog

Mark’s dog ‘Buzz‘ even has his own beer named after him.

Buzz has strength, character, bite and doesn’t like to get too warm – just like his beer namesake.


dana 1Dana – Fizz, Fruit & Gin Guru

Responsible for making most of the fabulous home made delicacies at Flower Farm Shop, she’ll be the one making sure all that fresh farm fruit is chopped and ready for your Pimms, and is currently making flavoured gins for the festival!


anton 1Anton – Festival Production

Previously responsible for bringing you RPJ, Bjorn Again, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and all the great acts that used to be on at Oxted Beer & Music Festival, Anton leaves behind all the hassle and stress of working in the Oxted metropolis, and now organises Godstoneberry from a rather pleasant field on Flower Farm.

emilyd 1Emily D – Social Media

Nobody on the farm has a clue what she does, but she does it very well! Emily previously ran all the media at #OXBF17, but is another member of the former Oxted Beer Fest team swapping Park Life for Farm Life.  Emily will also be running Yoga classes at the festival! –


rick 1Steve – Stages and Bands

Steve will be making sure all the acts on our two stages are where they are supposed to be and sounding sweeter than ever. He might look a lot like Rick Astley (who now has his own Astley’s Beer!) but Steve only drinks Budweiser, however we’ll let him off this faux pas, as he knows a lot more about music and sound (if not beer) than his lookalike!


lisa 1Lisa – Silent Disco

Silent disco legend joins the Godstoneberry team from the 2017 Oxted Beer & Music Festival. Seems the 2018 Oxted Beer Festival forgot to include a silent disco, and with no decent acts on either, Lisa had no hesitation in joining the Godstoneberry team.  You wont get a pair of headphones or any silly dance moves past this one!



jo 1Jo – Craft Lager Bar

Jo ran the soft drinks bar at the Oxted Beer & Music Festival in 2017, but she was wasted there (obviously not literally). She has since moved on to be bar manager at Edenbridge Rugby Club, but has a tendency to give too much head and spill beer all over herself, so god only knows why they employed her!?! Another most welcome addition to the Godstoneberry team!



mick 1Mick – Marquees

Mick’s ‘Meridian Event Services’ are once again providing the Marquees. The Godstoneberry’s beer tent is 50% longer than the massive marquee he used to put up on Master Park, for the old Oxted Beer & Music Festivals, but then Mick does love a long erection.





Volunteering at the Festival

We currently have a full compliment of staff for 2018, although we are always thrilled to hear from anyone who wishes to be involved, so please do get in contact with us (we are very nice!). As the festival grows we will be looking for more help and would love to hear from you now!