Seating & Info

Oktoberryfest is held in the centre of Flower Farm with the beautiful 16th century barn serving as the entrance and bar area.


There are four separate four hour show sessions: Friday Evening / Saturday Afternoon / Saturday Evening / Sunday Afternoon. All sessions have the same full show. Please see the ticket section for times.


Pre-drinks will be available in the 16th century barn bar one hour before the doors open to the main arena.




Seating is allocated in turn from the front nearest the stage backwards. There are 40 Vintage tables each seating eight. Each sitting is strictly limited to table numbers. Once its sold out – that’s it!


Ordering 8 tickets will secure a single table for your party. Groups of more than 8 will be seated on adjoining tables in the same row (A, B or C). Groups between 2 and 7 will also be sat on the same table until the last few seats remain.

It is a good idea to get your friends together and purchase tickets in one go so you can guarantee you are sitting together. We will of course endeavour to allocate any additions or extra guests with the original party wherever possible, but to ensure you are sitting together, please order at the same time!