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Working at Oktoberryfest

If you would like to work at our Oktoberfest event 4-6th October, please see our dedicated page HERE.

Please note that almost all roles at Oktoberfest require you to wear Dirndl or Lederhosen which is provided!


Working at Godstoneberry

Thanks to the 100’s of you who signed up to work at the festival in 2019! 

If you wish to apply to work at Godstoneberry in 2020, please see the details below and complete the application form.

Working at the festival is great fun and there are lots of benefits, including free entry ALL weekend! – Choose a shift on Beer Bar, Lager Bar, Cider Bar, Gin Bar, Pimms & Prosecco Bar, Theatre Bar, Oktoberfest or Cocktail Bar on the beach!


This is not volunteer work (unless you want it to be!) All roles at the festival are paid. You choose how you are paid for your work;

    1. Payment to you personally.
    2. Donate your hours and wage to a charity or local good cause of your choice.
    3. Payment in extra tickets.


There are four main working shifts each 6 hours (with breaks);

      1. Friday 5pm-11pm
      2. Saturday 11am-5pm
      3. Saturday 5pm-11pm
      4. Sunday 11am-5pm (or 1pm-7pm)

Everyone must work at least one evening shift (it is not possible to just work an afternoon session). We understand that some can only spare a limited amount of time (or wish to attend more of the festival!) thus there is no minimum shift requirement. You can select just one shift although a single shift (or your first shift) must be either Friday or Saturday evening.

Payment In Tickets

Everyone who works at the festival (regardless of number of shifts) gets free entry all weekend! It is also possible to exchange any payment for additional tickets for family and friends instead.

      1. Shift – ‘No Payment’ – Exchange for 2 Extra Weekend Adult Tickets
      2. Shifts – ‘No Payment’ – Exchange for 4 Extra Weekend Adult Tickets
      3. Shifts – ‘No Payment’ – Exchange for 6 Extra Weekend Adult Tickets
      4. Shifts – ‘No Payment’ – Exchange for 8 Extra Weekend Adult Tickets

Festival Roles

You can select the area you want to work in on the application form. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome, so don’t be shy! – Here’s a list of the various roles available;

  1. Beer Bar – Our biggest and main bar with over 200 different beers! – This is simply serving real ale direct from the barrel – It’s easy and quick to master and great fun! – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  2. Lager Bar – A smaller separate bar located in the centre of the festival just serving the fizzy lighter stuff.
  3. Cider Bar – Tone of different flavoured ciders to serve up! – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  4. Pimms Wine & Prosecco Bar – Traditionally a job for the ladies, but everyone welcome to apply. Involves a bit of fruit chopping as well as cork popping! – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  5. Gin Bar – Centrally located in its own special tent there will be a full range of world gins and tonics for you to serve with ice and a slice. NOW FULLY STAFFED
  6. Cocktail Bar – Located on the beach, this is the only bar where sandals are allowed. If you can mix a decent cocktail and put up with a steel band all day, this ones for you! – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  7. Oktoberryfest Bar – Bavaria returns to Godstone for the summer too! You need to be able to carry a few steins and like Oompah music for this marquee. (NB: Dirndl’s and Lederhosen will be provided and are compulsory wear for this role!) – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  8. Theatre Bottle Bar – A little shack bar located up by the Amphitheatre Stage – Just the two staff in this one, so a good one to sign up with a friend. – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  9. Delicatessen – Serving cheese & biscuits, pies, rolls, strawberries and a host of produce from the award winning Flower Farm Shop (within the festival) – Yum! – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  10. Berry Bank (Bureau De Change) – This is where £ are exchanged for the festival currency ‘Berries’. Suitable for the more sensible! (NB: Shifts here start an hour earlier and end an hour earlier – i.e. Friday = 4pm-10pm). – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  11. Front Desk / Entrance – A largely stewarding role, welcoming guests, taking tickets, putting on wristbands and handing out festival glasses & programmes. (NB: Shifts here start an hour earlier and end two hours earlier – i.e. Friday = 4pm-9pm). – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  12. Activities – Assisting with a variety of festival attractions such as the Silent Disco, Hot Air Ballooning, Clay Pidgeon Shooting, Archery, Climbing, Children’s area. (It is likely that you would be working in more than one area during a shift). – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  13. Housekeeping – Well someone got to do some tidying up! – Yes, this does involve rubbish and looking after the toilets as well, but its a free roaming role, and as such, the housekeeping team get to see more of the festival than anyone else! – NOW FULLY STAFFED
  14. Non Festival Live Roles – With the exception of beer racking, these roles are suitable for under 18’s and include site set up before the festival and derig afterwards, as well as morning cleaning and set up and car park duties. – NOW FULLY STAFFED

Additional Benefits

In additional to ALL weekend access, staff also receive a festival t-shirt and lanyard plus access to the staff area where complimentary tea, coffee and sandwiches are provided.

Apply To Work At The Festival

Simply click on the links below to complete the online application form and we will be in touch! – What are you waiting for?



Management Roles / Questions

If you are keen to work all weekend and beyond, and have relevant experience, please contact us to ask about management and specialist roles at the festival, or with any other questions