Can I pay with cash or card in the festival?

We will only accept Godstoneberry tokens in the festival. These are swapped pound for pound either at the festival gates, or at the bureau de change located near the beer tent. There is no extra charge for this; the bureau de change will be open until 9pm, and you can use either cash or card here.


Can I buy a Godstoneberry Glass?

Yes, you can buy a Godstoneberry glass. Pre-bought tickets include a festival glass. Gate purchases will need to purchase a glass for just £1. Replacement glasses are also £1.


Will I be able to park at the Festival?

We recommend public transport (visit our How to find us page) so that you can make the most of the beer, however if you are driving then you will be able to park your car in one of the farm fields (however this is at your own risk!) *Don’t forget you can’t drink and drive!*


Will I still enjoy Godstoneberry if I don’t like beer?

YES. There are several additional bars serving prosecco, wine, cider, pimms and gin, alongside plenty of soft drinks too. See our Bars page HERE.


Is Godstoneberry a family-friendly festival?

Yes. Children are welcome throughout the festival weekend, and under 18’s are free all weekend (but must have a ticket). Friday is geared more towards adults, whereas Saturday and Sunday will have children’s entertainment and family activities on offer. Click HERE for further details.


Do you have disabled access?

Yes. The whole of the site is accessible by wheelchairs, though please bear in mind the festival site is entirely on a field, so the ground may be uneven in places. There will also be a disabled toilet.


What food will be on offer?

There will be a varied selection of festival food, including vegetarian and child-friendly options. Please see our food pages HERE for more information.


Can I leave the site and re-enter on the same day?

Yes. On entry your ticket will be swapped for a festival band. You can then leave the festival site and re-enter throughout the day just by showing your band at the entry gate.


Can I bring my dog?

We welcome all well-behaved dogs to Godstoneberry (no ticket needed). But we do ask you to remember that there will be children around, so please clear up after your dog, and be aware of others at all times. Your dog is your responsibility.


Can I camp?

We will be providing an area to pitch a tent near to the festival site for those of you brave enough, however please note that this will be just that – a place to pitch your tent, not a campsite. (There won’t be a shower block or any porcelain in sight, the only facilities available will be those on the festival site.) Please see our dedicated CAMPING PAGE HERE for further details *You will not be allowed to turn up and pitch a tent unannounced, pitches must be booked in advance*


What can’t I do at Godstoneberry? 

Bring your own food or drink onto the festival site (unless special dietary requirement or baby food etc); Be under the influence of, or be carrying any illegal substances. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated, and we ask that you please know your limits with alcohol. Anyone who our bar staff or security deem to be too intoxicated, or displaying any of the behaviour mentioned above, will be removed from the festival site. Please bear in mind, most people working at the festival site are volunteers who are here to enjoy themselves, along with our staff, and they are entitled to do this without hassle or aggravation!


What can I do at Godstoneberry?

Try lots of different beer, eat lots of delicious food and enjoy some fantastic live music. Godstoneberry is all about having a great time with friends and family (oh, and beer!)





A strict “Challenge 25” policy will be in place at all bars and entrance gates. Photo ID will be required for any persons who look under 25 so please bring indentification with you.