Food & Drink


Food is included in the ticket price. The finest traditional Oktoberfest fayre will be on offer. This is the real deal, most of which is being flown in from Munich on the day and prepared by our acclaimed German catering team. Each table will be laden with freshly baked pretzels, and a choice of genuine Bavarian dishes from the specially selected menu will be available to order at any time during the show.


This is a full table service event. Food and drink is ordered from your table and brought to you by our beautiful team of Bavarian / Surrey Fräulein’s (and possibly the odd handsome Kerl!)



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The star of the show is obviously the best Reinheitsgebot German Beer imported especially from Bavaria and served in massive steins! (These large beer glasses are actually called Maßkrug pronounced ‘moss kroogh’ in English – To order in German it’s ‘Ein Mass Bitte!’) The beer will of course also be available in smaller pint and half pint measures for the shy / faint hearted!


The finest Englisch beer will also be on offer from The Godstone Brewers (who are located on the farm), alongside ciders and wines from Biddenden’s.

Special drinks will also be on offer at certain times during the show (for the brave, stupid, or persuaded!) Jägermeister shots will only be available when the Oompah band is on. Tequila shots will only be available when the Mariachi’s are performing, and British classics G&T or Pimms will only be on offer when Chas & Dave take to the stage!