Coming to Godstoneberry for the weekend?

Why not make it a full festival experience and camp as well!


2019 Campsite now directly next to the huge new Godstoneberry site!


Every luxury (known to livestock) is on offer!

Expect all the trimmings! (of grass)


There will probably be luxury toilets.

There might possibly be some sort of washing facilities.

There could even be showers of some sort!


Expect a friendly reception from the farmer (and not a lot else!)

Tents, Camper Vans and Caravans all welcome!

Visit the TICKET PAGE to reserve your pitches.

Of course, we are joking (mostly)!

The camping area actually has quite nice toilets and washing facilities and there really are hot showers this year!


If you have never been to a festival before, or have never camped at one, Godstoneberry is a great place to start your festival experience!

Need a tent?

Our friends and SK Camping (just down the road in South Godstone) have everything you could ever want!