Beer Bar

With over 200 different beers on offer this year,  in a massive beer tent, you will be totally spoilt for choice!


As part of our sustainability policy, and in order to minimize our carbon footprint, the vast majority of our beers are sourced locally from the finest breweries in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, and South London, with a few specially selected additional gems from around the country.
The full list of beers on offer (currently 235!) are detailed below.
The list can also be viewed as a flip book HERE.

beer list 1

beer list 2

beer list 3

beer list 4

beer list 5

beer list 6

beer list 7

beer list 8

beer list 9

beer list 10

beer list 11

beer list 12

beer list 13

beer list 14

beer list 15

Beer is a live product and as such this list is subject to continuous revision and amendment!
The nature of a beer festival is that all the beers will be available on Friday, the majority will be available on Saturday (but will slowly start to sell out throughout the day), and a smaller number of beers will be available on Sunday as a result. With almost 30,000 pints on offer, and a brewery on site, there will always be beer left!