Craft Lager

If you not a fan of the ale, fear not! A separate dedicated bar will be serving a full range of the lighter colder fizzy stuff! The London Beer Factory will also be returning to the festival with their beer taxi.

lager bar 1taxi2 1


Pimm’s & Prosecco

The UK’s favourite summer tipple and Italy’s finest sparkling export also have their own bar run by the lovely ladies of Flower Farm who will be chopping up lashings of the farm’s fruit and popping all the fizz corks.

procesecco 1pimms fest 1


Gin Bar

G&T with a difference. Alongside the usual suspects, all of course served with Fever Tree tonic, we have some specials for you too! We’ve been developing our own flavoured gin’s right here on the farm! Raspberry Gin anyone?

gin 1rasp gin 1


Soft Drinks Bar & Café 

A full range of non-alcoholic beverages for our younger guests, tee-totalers and anyone unfortunate enough to have driven. Flower Farms famous Apple Juice and other juices made right here in Godstone will be the stars of this bar. Fine teas and coffees will also be available from the festival café.

softs 2 1app3 1tea 1