A socially distanced festival


Flower Farm presents: Godstoneberry festival, 14th-16th August 2020.

We are so excited to bring you Godstoneberry festival this year – set over 75 acres of Flower Farm, in the heart of the Surrey Hills – Godstoneberry is based on a huge outdoor site in the open air.

There are no indoor spaces at this event, so plenty of space for you to move around, and plenty of space for you to keep your distance.

We are thrilled to be able to deliver this event, and help support the entertainment, food and drink industries that have suffered so much recently – supporting musicians, comedians, food suppliers and more.

By attending our festival you get to support them too, giving back to the local community and helping support local economy, while enjoying a great weekend outside reconnecting with friends and family.

Things are changing for everyone on a daily basis with regards to government guidance around social distancing, so some of the measures we have in place now, may not even be necessary by the time Godstoneberry takes place.

We have always placed public health and the health of our patrons, staff, concessions, performers and crew at the very top of our priorities, and we would not run this festival if we thought it posed any risk to public health.

So, how do we plan to do this? Here’s what you need to know…

Outdoor space

Godstoneberry is set across 75 acres of Flower Farm with plenty of outdoor space, all of our stages will be outside and not in the marquees, and for anyone needing to enter the open air marquees to order drinks, social distancing guidelines will be observed. At Flower Farm, we already have a system in place at our Strawberry Fields Pub Garden where we observe social distancing in a big outdoor area, with tables set up two metres apart – so we are already practicing a successful outdoor ‘festival’ style system – which means that when it comes to staying safe, we know what we are doing!


To adhere to the current guidelines, camp plots are for people from the same household or social support bubble.


Our toilets will be single cubicle toilets which are plumbed in, meaning you can also wash your hands with soap and water whenever you need. There will be one queue for all toilet banks. If required, patrons at the front of the queue will be directed to which toilet is free having been cleaned following previous use. This means that we can ensure that all toilets will be sanitized after use, as long as patrons can respect the new queuing systems.

Use of signs

We will place signs across the site reminding people of the government guidance around washing hands, not touching your face, coughing into a tissue and using bins. We will be reminding people of this guidance at all times, and our staff will be encouraging this behaviour from our patrons. If required, we will be issuing a handout with this information for everyone to follow upon entry.


We will have extra bins on site to allow for people to dispose of their rubbish and tissues safely.

Disposable items

At Godstoneberry we are keen to be green when it comes to re-usable cups, plates and cutlery, however this year, for food and drink we will be using recyclable items that are disposable – as this is the safest way to ensure that there is no sharing of items from one person to the next. Bar staff will handle the cups from the bottom of the cup, while patrons will be asked to take the cup from the top.


We will have a multitude of sanitizing stations and water points for you to wash your hands.

Masks / screens

Where necessary and if required, our staff will be using protective screens, masks and gloves.

Performers and stages

As outdoor performances are allowed outside in the open air, none of our stages will be inside the marquees. Our stages will be set up to allow performers to social distance as per the current government guidelines, and patrons will be set back from the main stage.

Kids’ activities

Our kids’ activities will also be following the appropriate measures that are required, adhering to any rules that are necessary in order for them to take place, like cleaning equipment and maintaining a social distance. We would like to remind you that your children are your own responsibility, and we would ask that you take care to make sure that they are keeping their distance from other children and families.


We welcome dogs at Godstoneberry, providing they are on a lead, at this year’s Godstoneberry this is more important than ever – to make sure that you don’t need to run after your dog, into someone else’s space – and please remember that your dog is your responsibility, not ours!

Bars and food concessions

All our bar staff, and food concessions will be adhering to government guidance and will have all the appropriate measures in place to accommodate social distancing.

Social distancing

All patrons, staff, concessions, performers and crew will be asked to respect social distancing measures. Areas around the site (ie. bars, stages and food trucks) will be marked so that social distancing can be adhered to easily and safely and we will have one way systems where necessary. We will also have signs up on site reminding people to keep their distance from anyone not in their household or bubble. This would apply to any bar queues, toilet queues and of course around the stages too.


We realise that social distancing while inebriated can be difficult. Just as we would at any of our events, our staff will be fully trained to monitor alcohol levels of the patrons they are serving. If they feel that someone has had enough, it is their decision to choose whether they continue to serve them alcohol. And members in their group will be informed to look after them.


If you have covid-symptoms on the day of the event – do not travel to the event. If required, thermal temperature checking machines will be at the entry point. If anyone has a temperature that can be considered abnormal or in line with fever – that patron and the person they travelled with will not be granted access to the site.

If a patron starts to show symptoms on site there will be a medical hut to go to and get checked over, and the patron and those with them will be asked to leave the site. If a patron’s condition means that they are too unwell to leave the site under their own power, our medical team can transport them home. Medical personnel will be in attendance to deal with any and all medical issues as normal.


We will keep a record of all the details of everyone who attends Godstoneberry, this means we will be able to contact everyone should we need to, if anyone on site develops symptoms during the course of the event.

Thank you

We look forward to gathering with you, at a safe distance, to celebrate music, friendship and hopefully some form of normality. We look forward to seeing you in August.

Godstoneberry team